create. animate. play.

Animation overview


A game changer in the voxel creation world. With our Skeleton System, VoxEdit allows you to rig and animate anything that you want using the timeline via an easy-to-use keyframing mode.


  • Animation! Bring your creation to life
  • Skeleton System
  • Cut & Rig
  • Powerful Timeline
  • Keyframing interpolation
  • Curves
  • Animations integrated in one file

Skeleton system

VoxEdit allows you to rig your model using a hierarchy system that lets you attach 3D model parts to skeleton bones ready to be animated in the Timeline.


VoxEdit is the first voxel software that allows you to not only rig your model with the Skeleton System but also create animations.

Create all the animations that you want to make a better experience for your model inside the game.

Animate all your models with our Timeline using keyframing interpolation in a friendly interface.

Move keyframes, stretch the interpolation between them, or even add curves for a more polished animation: the choice is yours.


Import all types of files into the Library to assign them to a bone in the Skeleton system.

You can import .obj, .vox and .vxm.